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Got a Need for Speed? Satisfy it with the SUBOTECH BG1511

1.Exquisite Appearance: 1:22 full-scale four-wheel drive high-speed off-road racing car, adopting simulation design style, equipped with simulation frame and interior.

There is a set of lights in front of the car, and the body is equipped with a spare tire. The appearance is exquisite and domineering, and you will attract the attention of many people .

2.Safe and Playable: The fuselage structure, vehicle bottom components, rocker arms, etc. are all made of engineering nylon material, which makes the high-speed car have higher strength, crash resistance and fall resistance, and the vehicle can last longer.

3.Excellent Performance: The vehicle adopts a full-scale remote control four-drive system, with four-wheel independent suspension system, with shock absorption and anti-collision design, long service life, strong operability and higher playability with standard steering gear.

4.Speed ​​Competition: The vehicle adopts 2.4GHz technology to support multiple people in the same field speed competition, realizing beautiful high-speed off-road drifting action.

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