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Traction Hobby Cragsman C F150 PRO

Ready to Climbing:Why Traction Hobby Is Your Truck of Choice


Authorized by the Ford manufacturer, F150 hardcore and cool simulation car shell, 1/8 large-scale straight-bridge half-truck climbing off-road model car, adapting to various complex terrains.

.Chassis Frame:

Multi-connection design, 1.2mm steel C-shaped beam.

.Suspension Type:

Multi-link non-independent suspension, steel tie rod, all-steel metal alloy front and rear straight axles.

.Door Shaft System:

Independent door bridge (supporting differential lock), full metal bridge and CNC bridge cover.

.Shock Absorption Type:

90mm adjustable negative pressure shock absorber, all metal twisted tooth shock absorber.


2.2-inch all-terrain tires (authorized by Mark Ma) aluminum CNC wheels, full-size spare tires with nylon wheels.


Made of brass, a single counterweight for the front wheel is 185g, and a single counterweight for the rear wheel is 105g.


The number of motor teeth is 14T (metal gear), the gear gap can be adjusted, and it supports 12T-20T.


Two-speed split-action integrated transmission, including: 2-speed, 4WD, reverse, front drive, rear drive, four-output and other integrated transmissions.

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