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Super Flying:VOLANTEXRC Ranger 600mm Wingspan Glider

.Easy to Control:

Xpilot gyro stabilizer system can provide excellent stable flight even under the control of rookie pilots. The self-stabilization function of the gyro system will help to fly in any weather conditions. Three-level flight control assist (Beginner level with full assist/ Intermediate with partial assist/ Expert for manual control ) can help beginners gradually learn to control the aircraft.

.Strong Power, Long Flight Time:

High-quality coreless motor, more powerful power and longer life. The backward push rod design allows the glider to move slowly in the sky without a power source, saving more power and longer flight time.

.High-quality Materials:

Special EPP foam materials can keep the glider aircraft lightweight in the air, and provide flexibility and durability to prevent crash damage. The backward push rod design can protect the flying propeller from tilting, so it is not easy to damage.

.RTF Version, Fully Assembled:

Allows the plane to set off quickly, and the portable package allows you to take it with you. This aircraft is very suitable for beginners to play, suitable for small flying club gatherings, and also suitable as a gift for others on important


  1. Cleyton Oliveira

    you have this one already painted

    1. this already painted,RTR Version

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