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What is RC Crawler and Best RC Crawler Review 2022

Hi, welcome to the world of RC, a world that many people may not quite understand. It is always confused with toys, so simply put, toys are family cars and models are supercars. Use this concept to make the difference.

Be vulgar! One is cheaper and the other more expensive.

What is Rock Crawler?

The RC Crawler is a new type of RC car that has emerged in recent years. Instead of racing, the RC Crawler aims to conquer rough terrain and all kinds of obstacles! To overcome complex terrain and obstacles larger and taller than itself, the RC Crawler must have special skills!

First of all, the frame of the RC Crawler can be twisted and turned in several parts, and the suspension has more range than a normal RC car. With the special tyres and special texture, the RC Crawler can make large overturning and climbing movements.

In addition to the performance of the RC Crwaler itself, players need to consider the best route and precise handling to get the car through the obstacles!

The successful climbing of an obstacle is only a fleeting moment, but more often than not, players need to think about how to get the car to conquer the obstacle and choose the right climbing route, requiring a high level of mental concentration, excellent handling skills and the conviction to get the car to the top!

In the days before RC Crwalers were commonplace, RC enthusiasts had to design and build their own modifications to create an RC RC Crwaler. It wasn’t until 2006 that Axial launched the first real finished RC Crwaler, the “Scropion”.

Axial company the “Scropion”

Many manufacturers have followed Axial’s lead and launched their own RC Crwalers, such as CapoYKLand Rover.

The introduction of RC Crwalers has become easier and more and more climbers like to change their cars to look like real ones, which are often called “real climbers”.

For example, by changing the shape of the car to a RANG ROVER 、TOYOTA, etc., the car can be made to look like a real RC Crwaler.

As RC Crwalers have low speed requirements and instead require a strong torque output, electric motors are generally the most chosen power source for RC Crwalers! Environmentally friendly, quiet, can be walked indoors and outdoors. But if you want more speed and torque, then you need to switch to nitro and gas oil motors.

How many types of RC Crawlers?

RC crawler models can be divided into two categories.

One is known as Realistic RC Crwalers, which are highly reproduced from real world off-road vehicles and have a high level of performance underneath their realistic appearance. An example of this is the TOYOTA CRUISER RC from the Chinese brand FMS is licensed by TOYOTA and is a perfect replica.

Another type of car is called the strong crawler, which exists in the real world, except that model cars have more torque and can conquer steep hills smoothly, whereas on a real car you can be really distressed, because the wall crawler has an extraordinary shape and is extremely powerful over obstacles.

The wall crawler is used in specialised competitions and is highly spectator-friendly. The JDM-168 series from the Chinese brand JDMODEL, for example, is famous for its strong climbs.

Of course they are also expensive, but if you want to reach the pinnacle of RC Car, presuing to fasest RC, you can plan to save up for one from now.

#1 Sand Cruiser ——TOYAN Engine RC 1:8 4WD Nitro Powered Crawler-KIT

This is actually theWorld’s First 4 stroke nitro 5 speed rc crawler !

With a TOYAN FS-L200A twin-cylinder, four-stroke methanol engine.

Tough shape and powerful climbing ability with a hard material shell and metal body.

The five-speed mechanical transmission makes the vehicle even more fun to drive.

The transparent shell allows for DIY painting.

The shell is precision cut to save players time in cutting, and the PC material makes the body hard and impact resistant, showing off the details and appearance perfectly.

KIT model (to explain KIT means you need to assemble it yourself). The standard non-load-bearing body with one-piece front and rear hard axle construction is born with a good climbing base. This makes it the front runner in simulated climbing and the top of the tuning market.

#2 FMS——1:18 TOYOTA CRUISER RC Off-Road Climbing Crawler

Compared to the wild and unrestrained TOYAN brand, the FMS brand has more of a playful sophistication, and the best feature of the TOYOTA CRUISER series is the excellent value for money.

When the car is held in the hand, the texture of the hard shell echoes the lustre of the metallic paint job, making it a delight to hold. Many players paint their classic shells in Camel Cup, Rainforest Cup competition paint, both performance and aesthetics, and it’s a stylish piece of decoration to display at home.

#3 Double E E101——Land Rover Defender 1:8 4WD Off-road Truck RC Crawler

Double E China’s brand. Highly reproducible tyres, decals and much more make it a joy to ride. The look is superb, the body is detailed and everything is true to the Land Rover Defender series.

At one point, it was the envy of all who owned it. The car is the first in the industry to be made of almost all metal, a perfect blend of automotive design and model art in miniature.

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