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Suzuki Jimny 4×4 RC——Latest Review

History of Suzuki Jimny 4x4 USA

The Jimny is undoubtedly a legendary vehicle that broke people’s inherent perceptions of hardcore off-road vehicles with its emergence.

With its small displacement, small size, low price, and unique market positioning, the Jimny filled the market gap with great precision and became a reliable tool for many off-road enthusiasts to carry their dreams.

Today, the Jimny has gone through 50 years of hardships and its petite figure has been all over the world in tough roads, which is really admirable when you think about it.


Began in 1970

The story of the Jimny began in 1970

When Suzuki intended to create a 4×4 that could fit in tight spaces, and the first generation of the Jimny was born with the code name LJ10, which was powered by a 360cc air-cooled engine from Mitsubishi and had a non-load bearing body structure. In addition, its four-wheel-drive system has three modes: 2H, 4H and 4L, and with an overall mass of only 600kg, it can basically run smoothly in any road conditions.

Second generation of Suzuki—— L20


In 1972, Suzuki released a facelift of the LJ20, which featured a redesigned grille and a more reliable water-cooled engine. From this model onwards, the Jimny officially ventured into the international market, with a new hardtop van and a soft-top version, in addition to a left-hand drive version. It is worth mentioning that the LJ20 has also withstood the inhumane 34 hours of the 1000-mile rally in Mexico, which shows its excellent reliability and off-road capability.

Fourth Generation Jimny at 2018

In July 2018, after two decades of waiting enthusiasts finally waited for the magnificent transformation of the fourth generation Jimny.

This time Suzuki officially defines the Jimny as a true off-road machine.

And happily, the sturdy trapezoidal beam, three-link fixed rear axle, and 4WD system with splitter box have been retained. In terms of power, both 0.66T and 1.5 self-priming options are offered, mated to 5MT and 4AT transmissions.

In fact, the former is just to meet the Japanese K-car policy, while the 1.5L version is the first choice for hardcore players.


Check out the lastest review on Suzuki 4x4 RC

Hemi Store RC Said:

“When I get the car…. this is some awesome,looks so real with lights doors open.”

“That is, when you turn the wheel, the steering wheel can also turn

In addition, every door can be opened, every mirror is adjustable, and the seats can even be tilted and moved back and forth for more legroom.

Under the hood is a somewhat detailed plastic engine that mainly hides the battery pack.

From underneath, it looks more like a die-cast model or a real car than an RC car.

You can barely see the servo cables from underneath, but it doesn’t look anything like an RC drivetrain.

The scale detail is actually from top to bottom. From the inside out.”

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