2000mm Wingspan Composite Aircraft RC Electric Air
2000mm Wingspan Composite Aircraft RC Electric Airplane Glider Model -PNP
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2000mm Wingspan Composite Aircraft RC Electric Airplane Glider Model -PNP

$ 449.99$ 539.99


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2000mm Wingspan Composite Aircraft RC Electric Airplane Glider Model -PNP


.Thin-shell technology glass fiber reinforced plastic nose, carbon fiber hatch cover, carbon fiber tail tube, carbon fiber reinforced beam, carbon tube pin, three-stage paired wing, Z bend + ball joint rod, cable torsion spring tail group.

.Customers only need simple assembly.

.This model is all hand-made by experienced technicians. The outer surface of the wing is transparent skin, and the inside of the wing can be clearly seen.

.All key parts are reinforced with carbon fiber materials, such as carbon fiber tailpipes and wing reinforcement beams. Better materials used for improving rigidity and torsion resistance of the aircraft, reducing the take-off weight of the aircraft and improving the control performance of the aircraft.

.Although all the wings are handmade, the wings are symmetrical. And the use of thinner optimized airfoil, the penetration performance is significantly improved, gliding performance is improved.

.A large number of carbon fiber parts, and the tail part adopts the design of tension wire torsion spring, which is good in return and lightweight in structure.

.While improving the quality, it reduces the weight of the fuselage and improves the airborne performance of gliding, so as to meet the daily training and competition needs of players.

.Note: This model is a PNP version with propeller, motor, ESC, servo, but not including receiver, remote control, battery and other configurations


.Color: As Shown
.Material: Composite
.Wingspan: 2000mm
.Fuselage Length: 1113mm
.Flying Weight: 700g
.Wing Area: 30.3dm2
.Flight Height: Over 100m
.Flight Time: According to the customer’s Combination Power
.Number of Channels: 7 Channels
.Product Weight: 1400g
.Package Dimensions: 110 x 31 x 11cm
.Package Weight: 2500g
.Packing: Graphic Carton

Package Content:

.1 x Fuselage
.1 x 30A ESC
.6 x 9g Servo
.1 x Motor

Additional information

Weight2.5 kg
Dimensions110 × 32 × 11 cm

PNP Version, KIT Version


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