Capo CUB2 RC Crawler 1/18 Metal 4WD Car Assembly Model – KIT Version
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Capo CUB2 RC Crawler 1/18 Metal 4WD Car Assembly Model – KIT Version

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This item: Capo CUB2 RC Crawler 1/18 Metal 4WD Car Assembly Model - KIT Version
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CAPO CUB2 1/18 Electric RC Car Simulation Metal Four-wheel Drive Off-road Climbing Car Model Differential Lock High and Low-Speed Gear No Electronic Equipment – KIT Version

Key Features

  • All-metal RC

The second round of the CAPO CUB 1/18 all-metal climbing bike series. This KIT version,

with its timeless mechanical theme, is a perfect choice for car fans,

whether an RC model for professional gamers, a setup toy for beginners, or a tabletop collection.

capo-cub2-rc-crawler-1-18-metal-4wd-car-assembly-model-kit-version (10)

  • Super light aluminum metal housing and variable convertible split plastic hardtop

Authentic cockpit interior structure is matched with the same scale 3.75 inches figure.

The front and rear bumpers and wheel brows are designed separately to provide more personalized OP modification.

  • CUB chassis, with remote differential locks and mechanical gear shift

capo-cub2-rc-crawler-1-18-metal-4wd-car-assembly-model-kit-version (10)

it is still the most advanced design for a small climber.

Supporting platform to make parts after-sales maintenance and OP modification in common, it is a more convenient system.

  • Classic 4-link suspension system, 4+4 chassis connecting rod with Coilover shock absorber

capo-cub2-rc-crawler-1-18-metal-4wd-car-assembly-model-kit-version (10)

with the latest technology of MAD GEAR electrical kit. Ackerman steering design,

remotely switchable front, and rear axle differential locks, and smooth steering.

  • All parts* of the frame are CNC               
  • The nearly 3cm square transmission has a two-speed transmission structure.

capo-cub2-rc-crawler-1-18-metal-4wd-car-assembly-model-kit-version (10)

Brass gears provide a self-lubricating effect and extremely quiet transmission noise suppression

and are sufficient to support the normal working strength of 1/18 of a small frame.

  • Shift gears remotely by remote control

Without stopping, the car can switch between high and low gears in the process of moving,

which is designed to serve the needs of future racing games. It can easily switch gears

and decelerate, lock difference and bend acceleration.

capo-cub2-rc-crawler-1-18-metal-4wd-car-assembly-model-kit-version (10)

*Excxpt for the all-metal axle, gears, and fasteners


Ratio: 1/18
Length: 258mm
Width: 116mm
Height: 133mm
Wheelbase: 166mm
Ground Clearance: 29mm (Minimum Distance from Rear Axle: 17mm)
Wheelhouse Approach Angle: 52°
Departure Angle: 51°
Electronic Equipment (excl.): Transmitter, Receiver, Motor, ESC, Steering Gear, Battery, Charger
Material: Metal
Product Dimensions: 25.8 x 11.6 x 13.3cm
Product Weight: 1500g
Package Dimensions: 30 x 30 x 13cm
Package Weight: 1700g
Packing: Graphic Carton

capo-cub2-rc-crawler-1-18-metal-4wd-car-assembly-model-kit-version (10)

capo-cub2-rc-crawler-1-18-metal-4wd-car-assembly-model-kit-version (10) capo-cub2-rc-crawler-1-18-metal-4wd-car-assembly-model-kit-version (10)

Additional information

Weight2 kg
Dimensions30 × 30 × 13 cm

5 reviews for Capo CUB2 RC Crawler 1/18 Metal 4WD Car Assembly Model – KIT Version

  1. Nathaniel R.

    Intrigued by the Youtube video, it’s really good, I’ve bought Capo cub1 before, I knew there was cub2’s! I knew it! Good price for this site!

  2. James Le.

    Fast shipping,Cool aftersales, worth my money

  3. Ethan R.

    I was shocked when I first received the product, the package was too great with well protected. Just like the LEGO bricks, different parts place on different plates. The metals are handled by an excellent machine, I can’t wait to assemble them together with my engine and motor!

  4. Jackie J.

    Fast shipping! Just 10 days arrive at my door with USPS service. Not so much heavy as I expected, each part has a good connection, enjoy the assembling time, I will paint it on Blue, love it!

  5. Kevin T.

    There are beginner mistakes, but I am very pleased with the result.
    The model is made of excellent materials, the only problem I had was the packaging of the pins. It seems to me that there is an inaccuracy in the dimensions of the pins.

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