Hobbywing XeRun XD10 10.5T 4600KV Brushless Inductive Motor + XD10 PRO 100A ESC Set for 1/10 High-end Drift Car

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Hobbywing XeRun XD10 10.5T 4600KV Brushless Inductive Motor + XD10 PRO 100A ESC Set for 1/10 High-end Drift Car


.Super Soft 13AWG Silica Gel Wire: Hobbywing custom ultra-thin silica gel wire ensures that the wire is softer and has better wiring under the premise of strong electrical conductivity.
.Built-in Power Back connection Protection Circuit: Built-in back connection protection circuit of ESC, no need to worry about the damage of ESC due to battery back connection, effectively solve the damage of ESC caused by accidental back connection.
.Support Built-in BEC for High Voltage Steering Gear: The built-in switch BEC has the maximum output current up to 10A, and the output voltage 5.0-7.4V can continuously adjust (the adjustment amount is accurate to 0.1V / step). The powerful built-in BEC can easily meet the high torque high-voltage steering gear’s thirst for input power.
.New Communication Protocol: New communication protocol is adopted for ESC, and the speed of firmware upgrade is greatly improved by setting parameters. With LCD G2, the speed is increased by 2 times, and with OTA Programmer, the speed is increased by 3-4 times.
.Optimized Programmable Parameters for Drifting: 32-bit M4 processor greatly improve the ability of data processing, combined with powerful software, and application of optimized specifically for drift electrically controlled programmable parameters, including the new initial start-up force adjustment, 48k ultra-high driving frequency, 24k high braking frequency, etc., to ensure that the ESC having excellent throttle linear and manipulation of the handle, tailored for the high-end drift application.
.Real-time Data Recording Function: After the ESC is connected with the OTA Programmer module, the real-time data recording function can be opened through HW Link mobile phone App. The data such as throttle, voltage, temperature, and speed can be viewed in real-time, and the ESC and motor running status can be easily obtained (effective distance is about 5m).
.External OTA Bluetooth Module: After the OTA Programmer module is connected to the ESC, a wireless connection can be established between the mobile phone and the ESC, and the operation such as parameter setting, data reading, and firmware upgrade can be carried out by using the mobile app, which is simple and convenient.

.Continuous/Peak Current: 100A/800A
.Number of Batteries: 2S LiPo
.BEC Output: 5-7.4V, 5A
.Fan Power Supply Mode: From the BEC
.Fan Size: 30 x 30 x 10mm
.Input Plug: No Plug
.Output Plug: 3.5mm Male Connector
.Size/Weight: 40.7 x 35.0 x 32.0mm (including Fan Height) / 95g
.LCD Programming Box Parameter Tuning: Support
.OTA Programmer: Support
.Programming Interface: Independent Programming Port
.Firmware Online Upgrade: Support
.Support Motor Type: Brushless Inductive Motor/Non-inductive Brushless Motor
.Applicable Motor KV Value/T Number: ≥8.5T
.Applicable Model: 1/10 Drift Car

XERUN-D10-10.5T Motor:
.Designed for Drifting Cool Appearance: Exquisite cool ID shape, black as the main body, and with silver, red or purple, for 1/10 high-end drift car to provide the perfect color match. Adopt high performance iron core, 200°C high temperature wire, 200°C high temperature explosion-proof structure rotor, high precision and high strength bearing, super flow resistant output copper row, providing reliable guarantee for the excellent performance and high durability of the motor.
.Banana Plug Fast Plug Design: The motor is pre-welded 3.5MM banana plug female, and XD10 ESC extra 3.5MM male, easy to replace the motor at any time.
.New Motor Core: New motor stator optimized for drifting, greatly improving the motor efficiency in drifting scenarios, built-in high-precision Hall sensor, with drifting special rotor with fan, providing superb motor linearity and control while greatly reducing the heat of the motor.
.Light Weight: 10.5T \ 13.5T weight only about 158g \ 165g (including 3 gold plug weight), low weight motor, easy for drivers to carry out the vehicle balance performance tuning.
.A Variety of Built-in Fan OP Rotor and Good Heat Dissipation: The rotor on the special shape of the gold fan for the motor heat dissipation, can be issued a pleasant sound of rotation at the same time. 4 (L1 / L2 / L3 / L4) different magnetic rotor for players to choose from can achieve a super smooth linear to super instantaneous explosive power of different combinations to meet the driver’s approach or Track differences in the diversity of needs.
.Easy to Disassemble: The motor is designed with a detachable structure, easy for daily cleaning and maintenance, effectively extending the life of the motor, to maintain motor efficiency.


.Number of Poles: 2
.Lithium Battery: 2S
.Outer Diameter (mm): 35.7
.Length (mm): 52.6
.Shaft Diameter (mm): 3.17
.Weight: 157g


.Color: Black
.Material: Electronic Components
.Product Weight: 252g
.Package Dimensions: 20 x 10 x 5cm
.Package Weight: 500g
.Packing: Graphic Carton

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Weight0.1 kg
Dimensions20 × 10 × 5 cm

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