KABOLITE K970 1/14 Metal Hydraulic RC Excavator Construction Vehicles

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KABOLITE K970 1/14 2.4G Remote Control Metal Simulation Hydraulic Excavator Construction Vehicles Mechanical Model Toy – White RTR Updated


Machine Structure: The overall frame of the K970 machine is made of aluminum alloy CNC processing, part of which is sheet metal stainless steel laser welding, followed by the etching stainless steel process, the crawler belt, drive gear ring, and bucket teeth are made of stainless steel casting, and the oil pipe is made of copper. The hose is a nylon high-pressure tube, carefully crafted, all-metal body, powerful performance, manipulation of this product will let you experience the working process and principle of a real excavator.
Hydraulic Drive Functions: K970 adopts a 6-valve hydraulic system, the more valves, the higher playability. High restore excavator function, the arm is driven by hydraulic cylinder, oil pump pressure 4mpa, power, low operating noise, 6 valves hydraulic system control arm, forearm, bucket, one key quick change, two extended oil circuit, up and down operation is free and lifelike details, a strong sense of simulation, high playability, more smooth action. (The function of the two extension oil lines is to drive hydraulic fittings such as hydraulic clamps, hydraulic scissors, etc., which need to be purchased separately).
Walking and Turntable Performance: Walking and turntable are driven by 5055 brushless motors to drive the planetary reducer, supporting clockwise and counterclockwise infinite rotation, walking drive torque up to 80kg, turntable drive torque up to 60kg, walking wheel speed up to 46rpm, turntable speed up to 8rpm, the maximum driving speed of 0.6km/h.
High Control Accuracy: Equipped with 2.4g FlySky PL18 18CH remote control, high control accuracy, more comfortable operation, the proportional directional valve is driven by standard size digital steering gear, valve opening and remote control rod quantity is a linear relationship. Support for fine movements.
Detail Simulation: Simulation driving room seat, handle rearview mirror, exquisite structural details, the cockpit standard hydraulic display, real-time display of oil pressure, oil temperature, voltage return.
When you open the idle speed of the oil pump and adjust the pressure relief valve, you can observe the pressure change through the hydraulic screen to avoid excessive or too small pressure adjustment.
Two tracks are equipped with two metal foot ladders, railings and other small details of the decoration parts need to be assembled by you, the door maintenance door can be opened.
Highlight LED Lights: Arm spotlights, fuselage headlights, cab front spotlights, cab rear working lights, divided into two groups, chassis lights and fuselage lights for a group, cab front and rear lights for a group, two groups of lights can be controlled by the switch of the remote control, night operation is more interesting.
Sound Effect: The excavator special sound group provides four kinds of sound effects, such as engine start and stop sound, horn sound, track sound and engine roar sound. The effect is lifelike.
RTR Version: As an RTR version of a professional excavator construction machinery model everything is ready, hand playable, suitable for high-end professional RC model or hydraulic engineering machinery model enthusiasts, let you experience the powerful charm of a hydraulic excavator.
The upgraded version of K970 has an automatic quick-change connector for the oil circuit, which is designed based on the Liebherr Likufix system. After using this device, the action of replacing hydraulic fittings and connecting oil pipes can be completed in one step. The standard configuration is a manual connection port for an extended oil circuit.


Material: Aluminium Alloy + Stainless Steel
Ratio: 1:14
Vehicle Weight: 31kg (Excluding Remote Control and Packaging)
Remote Control: 2.4g FlySky Pl18 18CH 5D Joystick Remote Control
Walking Drive Mode: Brushless 4-Stage Planetary Reduction Structure, Torsion 80KG
Slewing Drive Mode: Brushless 4-Stage Planetary Reduction Structure, Torsion 65kg
Boom Drive Mode: Hydraulic Cylinder Drive
Main Pump: 5055 Brushless Motor Drive
Oil Pump Pressure: 4mpa
Hydraulic Oil: No. 46 Hydraulic Oil (Not Included)
Battery: 11.1V 15000mah Lithium Battery
Charging Time: 5h
Playing Time: 40 Minutes
Remote Control Distance: 80m
Product Dimensions: 94.35 x 31.05 x 33.4cm
Product Weight: 31000g
Package Dimensions: 109 x 47 x 45cm
Package Weight: 52000g
Packing: Carton Box + Wooden Box + EPE

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Weight52 kg
Dimensions109 × 47 × 45 cm



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