LESU AT60H 1/16 6WD Hydraulic Articulated Truck Fu
LESU AT60H 1/16 6WD Hydraulic Articulated Truck Full Metal CNC Shell RC Truck- KIT
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LESU AT60H 1/16 6WD Hydraulic Articulated Truck Full Metal CNC Shell RC Truck- KIT

Original price was: $ 6,669.99.Current price is: $ 5,999.99.


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LESU AT60H 1/16 6WD Hydraulic Articulated Truck Full Metal CNC Shell RC Truck- KIT


Electronic Equipment: The ESC adopts Hobbywing 1060 brushless ESC and Hobbywing 50A brushless ESC.

Equipped with light group: 20 LED lights (spotlights, illuminating lamp, width lights, etc.).

Equipped with steering gear and motor.

Without a sound group, you need to purchase a remote control and battery.

The car uses a 1:14 planetary two-speed high torque gearbox, 6X6 full-drive wheel-side reduction axle with differential lock.

The powerful torque allows the winch to walk on the mud road like a flat ground.

The steering adopts hydraulic steering.

The steering angle is ±40 degrees.

Strong steering angle without losing flexibility.

The hydraulic lifting and lowering body has a lifting angle of 55 degrees.

With steering and body safety lock pins.

The car shell adopts all-metal CNC processing technology.

Full metal chassis. The whole vehicle is sandblasted, which is convenient for players to paint.

The front suspension adopts independent suspension with stabilizer bar.

The rear suspension adopts straddle mounted bogie beam. Independent wheel movement via a 3-point mounting system. (straddle mounted bogie beam. Independent wheel movement via a three-point mounting system).

The powerful suspension greatly increases the working range of the clamp.

The integrated hydraulic system is easy to disassemble and install.

The hydraulic oil pump adopts a new 4 MPa high pressure oil pump.

2-channel reversing valve.

Hydraulic radiator.

The whole car adopts copper tube layout.

The hydraulic oil is recommended to use No. 46 hydraulic oil. Add 120ml of hydraulic oil.

Connect the two-channel reversing valve steering gear control line and the hydraulic pump ESC control line, unscrew the oil tank cap, and add 60ml hydraulic oil in advance.

Turn on the hydraulic pump motor and pay attention to the direction of rotation of the hydraulic pump motor.

The steering gear of the reversing valve is controlled to rotate, and the hydraulic cylinders of the whole vehicle are controlled to perform multiple maximum stroke actions reciprocatingly. At the same time, it is necessary to add about 30ml of hydraulic oil at intervals.

When the hydraulic cylinder performs smoothly, the hydraulic system emptying operation is completed, and the fuel tank cap is tightened. (That is to operate the hydraulic pressure while adding oil. The added hydraulic oil is about 120ml).

It is suitable for parent-child interaction, cultivate children’s hobbies, and can also be used as an exquisite gift to give to relatives, friends or children on Christmas and other holidays.

Note: This car needs to be assembled by yourself.

Note: This car is a KIT version, the picture is for reference only (original color for loose parts), and the assembly drawings are included, so there is no need to worry about assembly problems.


Brand: LESU
Material: Full Metal
Product Dimensions: 66.5 x 20.1 x 22.1cm
Product Weight: 12600g
Packing: Carton Box

Package Content:

1 x Hydraulic Articulated Truck

Additional information

Weight17 kg
Dimensions63 × 35 × 30 cm


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