VRX RH1006 1/10 Scale 4WD Nitro Gas Powered RC Off-road Buggy – RTR
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VRX RH1006 1/10 Scale 4WD Nitro Gas Powered RC Off-road Buggy – RTR

$ 239.99

(14 customer reviews)
This item: VRX RH1006 1/10 Scale 4WD Nitro Gas Powered RC Off-road Buggy - RTR
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$ 239.99
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VRX RH1006 1/10 Scale 4WD Nitro Gas Powered RC Off-road Buggy -RTR

Key Features:

  1. Single-speed four-wheel-drive system
  2. Waterproof receiver Sealed battery box design, waterproof, make the battery life longer
  3. Lower gravity gearbox design
  4. The lighter and stronger front and rear swing arm (The swingarm is equipped with organic rice screws)
  5. Large shock absorbers make the car more stable
  6. Rear axle seat design with adjustable wheelbase
  7. Unique steering structure, coupled with the front Cardan shaft to make the car turn faster and more flexible
  8. The front and rear support rods make the vehicle stronger
  9. All imported 6061-T6 material aluminum parts
  10. 80cc large fuel tank capacity
  11. Easy assemble and upgrade
  12. Adjustable height of the car chassis,All-terrian RC buggy

Instructions for Use:

This car is the standard RTR version at the factory. You only need to purchase a tool kit and 20-25% model car with nitromethane fuel. Players can also change to a higher configuration by themselves, modify and upgrade metal structural parts. Playing this car requires patience and a certain amount of hands-on ability. This truck will be an excellent choice for model players.

 Suitable for 14 +. Perfect gifts for DIY modified car, teaching, collection, and more.


This is a nitro gas power car and travel at high speeds. If crashed into any object at speed is liable to break (as an object would), we suggest that:
(1) Only be used in wide-open areas,
(2) Only be driven slowly until the controls are mastered. We also recommend that children under the age of 15 be supervised by an adult when operating. As such, by purchasing this item you agree that if damaged, it cannot be returned to us for replacement or refund (we can quote you for repair or supply any spares).

We also strongly recommend you thoroughly read the manual instruction


Brand: VRX
Material: Metal + Plastic
Model: RH1006 Spirit N1
Wheelbase: 275mm/280mm
Single Speed Gear Ratio: 91: 1
Rear Wheel / Front Wheel: 88 x 39mm / 88 x 34mm
Engine: Force18 Nitro Engine
Remote Control: 24G FLYSKY FS-FT Controller
Servo: 3kg steering servo; 3kg accelerator servo
Remote Control Distance: 100-150 meters
Product Dimensions: 415 x 255 x 142cm
Product Weight: 2800g

In The Box

1 x 100% Pre-assembled Car
1 x Remote Control
1 x Manual

Additional information

Weight4.3 kg
Dimensions36 × 57 × 21 cm

14 reviews for VRX RH1006 1/10 Scale 4WD Nitro Gas Powered RC Off-road Buggy – RTR

  1. Maxime Pregaldien

    Just a part of the management waiting for change by the seller because broken at his arrival but otherwise compliant product and extremely fast.

  2. Sébastien Roy

    So Good and fast shipping to me. The product itself is good and also came into and packed. I will show out to my friend today, excellent

  3. Nicolas DELANOUE

    Fast shipping.Great intro car to the RC hobby. Quick and tough! Longer run time then expected and great range on the remote! Fully adjustable remote as well as adjustable oil filled shocks. recommend


    Sorry i was a bit to fast to deliver feedback. I drove the car today and it runs perfectly and fast as hell!! The car is good quality and the remote is Ok +! When i was trying to set up the remote i had some problem, but that was me, not the device.. The only thing that was bad quality was the Glow starter. The charger fell out from the wall, and did not connect well with the Glow starter. So i bought a new charger and glow from a hobby store, and really enjoy this car so far!

  5. Achim Stegmeier

    This thing is an absolute beast. Would recommend this for experienced rc drivers only. Crazy powerful for the size/weight. Definitely need spare tires for this one!!
    Super easy to work on. Simple 4 screw removal to access the center diff (definitely needs thicker diff oil). Highly recommend this buggy.

  6. Gergely Zuppan

    ottima imballaggio tutto perfetto

  7. Jason D.

    The remote control works very well. The quality is great! I am very happy with my purchase.

  8. Nick

    Really good RC car, well built and runs great, fast and handles well. Good value for the money. I would recommend it to others.

  9. Brian S.

    A fun little back yard buggy. Engine was easy to tune after 4 tank idle break in.

  10. Robert A.

    Excellent little car, came in 13 days, very satisfied with the performance (not just for the price) I think it’s one of the best beginner RC Buggy.

  11. Francisco F.

    This buggy is really good all around. The ONE thing I would recommend is leaving the factory settings on the high and low speed needles, but opening the card a tiny bit. this buggy will be super fast, and the engine will last .this is my second one.

  12. Shawn G.

    The car arrived yesterday in great condition. The car started up almost immediately after priming. I ran 4 takes of 20% for break in. The nylon center differential drive gear was concerning me at first, but it has held up fine so far with no cracks or missing teeth. The shocks are pre-filled with oil and are nice and soft without being squishy. The steering servo is a bit slow but not slow enough to worry about, I would be more worried about the plastic gearing it uses honestly. so far, this car is fast, and easy to get going and I would highly recommend it.

  13. Dallas Wills (verified owner)

  14. Brent Josker (verified owner)

    Car took some time to finally get here, we also ordered to late but if we’ll planned out it will do. The RC car came packaged nicely and it looked like it had been handled well by UPS, It came fully assembled and besides a few double A Batteries this this was ready to be played with, you will have to purchase fuel and a starter to the glow plug, there is no place for auto start but it does have a pull string to start it, it literally fired right up and we had a riot, super fast, super fun and mixed with a drone for taking aerial shots, you will love this thing!!!!!

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