YK-4082-PRO-18-RC-Car-2.4G-Six-Channel-Remote-Control-Electric-Four-Wheel-Drive-Simulated-Off-Road-Crawlerr-Model-FrontRear-Differential-Lock-HighLow-Gear-Concrete-Black (9)
YK 4082 PRO 1/8 RC Car 2.4G Six-Channel Remote Control Electric Four-Wheel Drive Simulated Off-Road Crawler
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YK 4082 PRO 1/8 RC Car 2.4G Six-Channel Remote Control Electric Four-Wheel Drive Simulated Off-Road Crawler

$ 959.99



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YK 4082 PRO 1/8 RC Car 2.4G Six-Channel Remote Control Electric Four-Wheel Drive Simulated Off-Road Crawler Model Front/Rear Differential Lock High/Low Gear Concrete

Key Feature


Alteration of the motor position which is moved forward under the cover, the servo on the bridge which is replaced by the servo on the beam, the servo protection device by the servo arm, a new installation layout of the battery compartment which is shifted to the front of the gearbox, a alteration of tires’ material

A cancellation of the spare tire for reduced car rear weight, a simple integration of light group wires for convenience and the replacement of soft adhesive rearview mirror material for less damage possibilities when rolling over.

Modified for improved obstacle climbing capability and not positioned as a entertainment model merely, providing the original car stronger climbing performance and making it an excellent vehicle for traversing and climbing.

The old YK4082 comes with an accessory pack for upgrading and users only need to add four holes for installing the battery compartment to grade up the new 2022 model.  YK-4082-PRO-18-RC-Car-2.4G-Six-Channel-Remote-Control-Electric-Four-Wheel-Drive-Simulated-Off-Road-Crawlerr-Model-FrontRear-Differential-Lock-HighLow-Gear-Concrete-Black (2)


  • Front:
  • the vehicle is designed with an furious face and the front face is removable by dismantling a few screws. The 7 air inlets have been opened and the interior features black net for simulated real car structure.
  • Body:
    the vehicle boasts installed simulated interior decorations, dashboard in the cockpit, seat and headrest, with canceled spare tire for reduced car rear weight.
  • Gearbox:
    the gearbox interior is equipped with machined steel gears for higher strength and smoothness. The beam of the ten-byte structured car is made of aluminum alloy in CNC. The shock absorber utilizes large capacity external spring shock absorber, which can raise or lower the body height by adjusting the ring.

YK-4082-PRO-18-RC-Car-2.4G-Six-Channel-Remote-Control-Electric-Four-Wheel-Drive-Simulated-Off-Road-Crawlerr-Model-FrontRear-Differential-Lock-HighLow-Gear-Concrete-Black (2)

  • Electronic equipment:
    the clawer is characterized by a 880 ESC for both climbing and off-road operation, a drag brake rate of 50% by factory default, a powerful 775 black leather motor which has been frequently tested and adjusted by the manufacturer and a low torque. The upgraded servo features 25KG full metal gears and aluminum alloy servo arms. The remote control receiver is intergated with original 6-channel light control which is economical, practical and stable.
  • Lighting:
    includes standard headlights, car top lights, daytime running lights on the wheel, turn signals on both sides, rear brake lights, turn signals and backup lights.
    Car body shell: flippable and magnetic. Comes with high-performance magnet which will firmly graviate the car shell, with an added knob to prevent the car shell from bouncing off by impacts.
  • Terrain tolerance:
    a set of front/rear anti-roll bar components is provided, allowing you to install in accordance with different terrains. Remove the anti-roll bar when walking on turbulent terrain and install the bar when operated on the beach. Please note that the rear axle bump stop needs to be removed.

YK-4082-PRO-18-RC-Car-2.4G-Six-Channel-Remote-Control-Electric-Four-Wheel-Drive-Simulated-Off-Road-Crawlerr-Model-FrontRear-Differential-Lock-HighLow-Gear-Concrete-Black (2)YK-4082-PRO-18-RC-Car-2.4G-Six-Channel-Remote-Control-Electric-Four-Wheel-Drive-Simulated-Off-Road-Crawlerr-Model-FrontRear-Differential-Lock-HighLow-Gear-Concrete-Black (2)

  • Optimization and upgrading:
    the strengthened axle has adjusted nylon formula for superior tolerance of cold weather

and the door hinges are replaced with the identical color decoration of the body.

 YK-4082-PRO-18-RC-Car-2.4G-Six-Channel-Remote-Control-Electric-Four-Wheel-Drive-Simulated-Off-Road-Crawlerr-Model-FrontRear-Differential-Lock-HighLow-Gear-Concrete-Black (2)

  • Immersive fun:
    the vehicle is designed with portal axle structure, front/rear differential lock (remote control), high/low speed shift functions (remote control), which evokes immersive fun and brings you new driving experience whether in off-road or climbing mode.

The vehicle is available in multiple car body shell colors, with batteries and a charger to get started.

Suitable for 14+


.Material: Metal + Plastic
.Model: 4082PRO
.Scale: 1/8
.Wheelbase: 370mm
.Approach Angle: 65°
.Breakover Angle: 30°
.Departure Angle: 48°
.Ground Clearance: 95mm (adjustment ring 5mm)
.Tire Size: 135/50mm
.Gear Scale(18T): 1/13.4 (high speed), 1/33 (low speed)
.Motor: 775 large torque waterproof motor
.ESC: 880 waterproof ESC
.Servo: 25KG full metal gear steering servo * 1PCS +17KG small servo * 3pcs (front/rear differential locking servo * 2+ high/low speed gear servo *1)
.Remote Control: 2.4GHz /6 channels full scale intelligent transmitter (with light control integrated)
.Body Battery (not included): 2S-3S 7.4-11.1V lithium battery is recommended
.Charger (not included): lithium battery balance charger is recommended
.Product Dimensions: 63.5 x 29 x 30cm
.Product Weight: 4190g
.Package Dimensions: 72 x 37 x 37cm
.Package Weight: 7500g
.Paking: Box

YK-4082-PRO-18-RC-Car-2.4G-Six-Channel-Remote-Control-Electric-Four-Wheel-Drive-Simulated-Off-Road-Crawler-Model-FrontRear-Differential-Lock-HighLow-Gear-Concrete-Grey YK-4082-PRO-18-RC-Car-2.4G-Six-Channel-Remote-Control-Electric-Four-Wheel-Drive-Simulated-Off-Road-Crawler-Model-FrontRear-Differential-Lock-HighLow-Gear-Concrete-Grey YK-4082-PRO-18-RC-Car-2.4G-Six-Channel-Remote-Control-Electric-Four-Wheel-Drive-Simulated-Off-Road-Crawler-Model-FrontRear-Differential-Lock-HighLow-Gear-Concrete-Grey YK-4082-PRO-18-RC-Car-2.4G-Six-Channel-Remote-Control-Electric-Four-Wheel-Drive-Simulated-Off-Road-Crawler-Model-FrontRear-Differential-Lock-HighLow-Gear-Concrete-Grey YK-4082-PRO-18-RC-Car-2.4G-Six-Channel-Remote-Control-Electric-Four-Wheel-Drive-Simulated-Off-Road-Crawler-Model-FrontRear-Differential-Lock-HighLow-Gear-Concrete-Grey

Additional information

Weight7.5 kg
Dimensions72 × 37 × 37 cm

Black, Red, Grey, Yellow


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YK 4082 PRO 1/8 RC Car 2.4G Six-Channel Remote Control Electric Four-Wheel Drive Simulated Off-Road Crawler YK 4082 PRO 1/8 RC Car 2.4G Six-Channel Remote Control Electric Four-Wheel Drive Simulated Off-Road Crawler
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